Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! We have been working behind the scenes on this website for quite some time. I started this blog when I found out I was expecting my first baby! I knew that my life was forever going to change. I took on new financial and life decisions. I had to figure out how to save money and make money. In the process of it I had no idea the next thing about being a mom. They say it comes natural. I learned from friends and family and myself. It was the hardest thing, and still is to this day.

You learn to adjust to life in all of the craziness of it. I wanted to share and network with other new mom’s, mom’s, and small business owners. I didn’t want to start blogging as a way to make money (though now it is turning out to be awesome), but rather a way to share stories with others. I have found SO many ways to make money, save money, and support small shops. All three of these things are items that I preach DAILY. Hustling’ is my thing. Seriously.

I support small business owners and their shops. I have found a lot of great shops that I NEVER even knew it existed. I work with  A TON of great shops! I wouldn’t want any of this any other way. I post a lot of pictures of my baby, so excuse me now. BUT you can always post and tag us.. #mommabeesavingbabys


Susie Liberatore! MUAH


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