This notebook, though

I love Le boutique shops they have the CUTEST stuff and Elvia is super nice to her customers. I just can’t even go to the website anymore because I will go broke! BROKE. No lie I could buy everything on there. And there’s always new stuff, like I can’t even keep up with it all.


I have been behind on life. I need to write things down and usually I have the cutest notebooks. I seriously usually have like ten, and Im not even kidding. Somehow I have been slacking maybe its mom brain I don’t know. But when I saw this I knew it was PERFECT for me.

Pink is awesome and well its perfect.


It just looks so perfect on my desk. I almost don’t want to use it because of how pretty it is. But I have used it and I couldn’t be happier with it. I can FINALLY feel like I have my life together, well for now. 😉




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