Mom Life

This little man is my LIFE. He is my joy, happiness, and determination each day!

I am a one woman shop and it is tough but I wouldn’t have it any other way. About three months ago I quit my full time job at a full creative agency. I wanted to spend more time with my son and have full creative control. It has been rough, but it has picked up to where I am comfortable to wake up each morning.

My day starts with feeding the baby and getting him ready for the day then taking a shower. From there I go ahead and take care of my customers emails, social media, etc. I then have to feed baby again. Then I really take full control of things and really push myself around 10 a.m. I run my own creative design business right now : Visions2images.

This blog came secondary.. simply because I wanted other mama’s and mama’s to be to experience what I was going through. I always want to make money and save money, right who doesn’t?! I wanted to share all this of with you, while sharing the journey of my baby too! I get to watch him while I “work.” Somedays I feel guilty letting him watch tv, but work needs to be done. Other days I take breaks and go for long walks because it is needed. The struggle between being a mom and a business owner is tough.

There isn’t anything else I would rather do though. It takes time to pull things together, but it all comes in time. I wanted to share this blog post with you all, as  a way for me to say.. get ready cause I come full force into Momma Bee Saving!



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  1. I am a teacher and have the summers off. I also take my girls out of daycare to save money. Like you, I try and establish a schedule with them so that everything runs smoother and I can stay sane!


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