Coupons, coupons, and more coupons. 


I am not an extreme couponer (at least not yet). I do like to save whenever possible and feel good about it. It doesn’t matter if it is only a little bit or a lot. I can’t stress this enough for so many people every SINGLE bit does help. If you save $5 make sure to put that $5 away. Use that money either for your coin jar, or keep it in your wallet/car for a time you might need it.

I take coupons weekly digitally and printed and create a book. I make sure that the coupons I use are for the products that I need and already on my list, because if they aren’t then Im not saving money, right? I now go grocery shopping with a binder. Even though I make my list and take the time to make sure everything matches to a t it is important to bring my book with me to keep me on track.

Being so busy, I have my calendar on my phone that reminds me and keeps track of days. So every Sunday an alarm goes off to get the coupons and organize them. I can’t even stress how important this is and once we get into more things we will be releasing the schedule and planning.

When you coupon make sure it is the coupons that you need, don’t be picky. If you need toilet paper and theres a coupon use that one! So silly not too, right? However, with last weeks post you don’t want to buy the paper goods and other items that you can buy in bulk!

Tell me what do you do for coupling? Are you an extreme coupon or just use them as needed? How much is the most you have saved with using coupons?



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