Teething Necklaces, YES Please.

We kinda love all things teething related. After all our sweet baby is going through major teething. He already has ten teeth, not kidding! He’s only nine months. Its kinda crazy. He gets really fussy and wants to eat everything.

Back when Antonio was about three months I met Carley at Baybee Boutique virtually and fell in love with her stuff. She sent us some goodies (an amber necklace for antonio and necklace for me). It was seriously the best investment ever. I started to become addicted to the colors and designs she was posting and knew that I had to back off otherwise I’d go broke!

There are so many teething shops but I am kinda in love with everything Baybee Boutique. I LOVE their design, their brand. I LOVE the styles and excitement. I LOVE chatting with Carley. Hey I’m a first time mom, what do you expect?!

I knew I needed new teething necklaces to match my outfits, Im telling you… Its ADDICTING. Head on over to her page and get yourself a necklace, I’m telling you it not only helps with teething but also the pulling of hair and other body parts while they are eating or sitting with you!


9 thoughts on “Teething Necklaces, YES Please.

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  1. Oh, this is a must for my next baby, due in September. They are so pretty! You wouldn’t even know it was a teething necklace!


  2. I just got one of these for an expecting friend and she loved it! Wish I had one 3 years ago when my littlest guy was a baby…


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