How to plan a baby shower + FREE printable!

Planning a baby shower can seem so fun and overwhelming! Lets go with the fun part, cause thats what it really is. Its tons of fun and you don’t need a lot of things for this! In fact a lot of your planning you can do yourself and save some money. DIY are fun and can save money, if you have the time.

It can be fun to not know the sex of the baby or to have a ‘gender reveal party.’ Both are super easy and fun! I mean seriously! Make sure you pick out a theme and go with it. We loved planning a baby shower and would do it all over again!

A lot of times people don’t go off registries just because they like to have fun and get their own items. However, know that you still need one for those who want to do it. You can find some great baby registry checklists


We love to save money and hope that you can save some money on your baby shower wherever possible. For example decorations can be done by yourself. You can make your own invitations or just do online invitations instead of mailing them out. Save money wherever possible, but still manage to make it special and unique.

Make sure that your shower has enough food, drinks, and games for all. I mean that seems kind obvious, right? Make sure that there is plenty of options for all.. Water, soda, iced tea are usually essentials at a shower.

Make sure to not spend a ton of time opening presents. It’s okay to open them all but have your girlfriends or mothers involved to help keep the flow moving and taking notes of gifts. It is critical to make sure to thank each and every person and take note of what they got you

We put together FREE neutral bridal shower game! You can download each of them for your own shower! Just print and cut them out, you’re welcome! 




-crossstitch- unisex bib

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