How to save money for holidays

I know it is crazy to start to think for Christmas, but it stresses me out every year. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holiday more than anything else. I think the thing that stresses me out most is money, duh.

You have to buy presents, get food, travel, and decorate. I mean its kinda crazy when you think about how much time and money goes into it. We typically travel for the holidays but this year I think we are staying home (YAY!)

Don’t wait to start to save money for the holidays. Start saving now! Set up a separate bank account that is JUST for Christmas goodies. Stick to it being strictly for that. Each week put in $5-$10 and let it grow overtime. It won’t be THAT much but when you go to purchase gifts come December you will have some extra cash ready to be spent. I start shopping for gifts super super early, especially if I see deals I can’t pass up. It helps me keep calm for the holiday season.

In fact you can make some extra money (in gift cards) through many websites to take surveys! It’s easy and fun. I am putting together an additional list of surveys to take other than the ones listed under “Make Money” 

I’m super excited about it because I have been taking unlimited amounts of surveys to get some extra cash! It’s nice to have those options for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

What do you do to help save and prepare for the holidays?

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  1. I actually start getting ready for next Christmas the day after Christmas by shopping after Christmas sales for discounted wrapping paper, replacement lights. and even gifts when they are at their lowest prices. Throughout the year, I continue picking up sale and clearanced items. I also handmake some gifts and have to start those early and not wait until the last minute to avoid being overwhelmed. In fact, I made some gifts just this week. I use points from Huggies, Coke, Pampers, etc to purchase gifts for free throughout the year for Christmas and birthdays, in fact most of my daughter’s birthday presents and some of her Christmas presents last year were procured this way. So, hopefully, by Christmas, all I will have left is the food and a few stocking stuffers like Andes Mints which I always got in my stocking as a kid.


    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for the comment!! We do the same as well. We have the Pampers rewards and get gifts in the mail and save those for future gifts as well. We also try to go out after Christmas and get clearance items though most of the time we are away from home so we don’t usually have enough storage. Being smart about purchases and saving is always a great thing!


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