Party Planning is simple and easy… with the right tools!!

We are in full planning mode for Antonios birthday! GESSh I can’t even believe that he is going to be ONE in like a month! This is crazy. I think back to when I was pregnant and then had him, it feels like yesterday…. Time flies by. It makes me super sad but I am so excited for the upcoming years. I love watching him grow each and everyday, it’s so perfect! You learn so much when you become a parent and you have a whole different look on life!


Party Planning Organization Sheets

We are putting together a blog post for the first birthday must haves!! We can’t wait to share it with you. For now, I am going to share a few personal blog posts.  Party planning can be so tough and overwhelming, I know it and I get it. But we have put together some awesome printable for you to purchase. 


Birthday and Anniversary Reminder Planning 

If you are anything like me your mind is scatter brain, it happens when you have kids. I have reminders on my phone and all and it STILL doesn’t work for me. What works is when I have these simple worksheets put on my fridge or dry board. I know that I have to get things done and can visually see these items. I love being able to have these quick simple printable that help me save money! I only have to make one trip to all the places because it is all right there on the list! I don’t need to go over board sending out invitations, because I have all the list of people RIGHT there! So easy. 

I can fill out the list and check it off, this is a HUGE plus for me, since I am a visual person anyways. I hope that you guys can enjoy these printable as much as I do.. and I hope the upcoming blog post for “First Birthday Must Haves” helps you!!! 


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