The aftermath of a birthday party

We have talked about the before, after, and during of Antonios birthday party. What I failed to mention is the aftermath!!! We had so many presents and clean up to do. Seriously we kept so much stuff to either re use or sell it; that’s the best part about parties anyway right?

So the first thing that I did was sort through everything that Antonio got for his birthday. I opened all the packages and took them out of bulky boxes and bags. I need to condense!

basket-1447954_1920Most people gave gifts in bags, isn’t that something?! I was one of those people as well. KEEP those bags! Keep the tissue paper, and more! seriously it is the best AND will save you. Re use and SAVE money for when you need to get a quick gift put together. I can’t stress this, I have about $30 worth of bags and tissue paper! Thank goodness!!

The next thing I did was wash all the clothes and store them in tote bins. UM super large tote bins too!! This helps me make sure that I have everything I need at my finger tips. I organized by size and style. From there I opened all the toys and was able to get those in tote. I can see things and switch them out as needed. Now I don’t have a closet full of bags and gifts just two large totes that I can easily access. It almost seems like such common sense, right? You wouldn’t believe how many people were in a daze when I shared this with them! Little things add up along the way and do matter!

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