Accelerate your marketing

Do you want to accelerate your business? Then you will want to check out Shopify’s Build a BIGGER Business competition. It is one of the world’’s most influential mentor and industry-leading commerce platform: Shopify. This is a great program for anyone who needs to boost their business and give them the motivation needed.

Tony Robbins is a great mentor who is an entrepreneur and best-selling author.  He is a highly motivated determined person who will help achieve your business goals. He could be your personal mentor, you just never know! Watch the video on the website: Build a BIGGER Business competition to help you become familiar with him and get inspired.

Some of the other mentors are Daymond John, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo and so many others! So if you are a privately-held business owner that has been operating for over a year you will want to sign up for this competition.

This competition will be five months long and you will be working towards an even bigger business. The two businesses with the highest sales and highest percentage growth will receive the grand prize. There will also be winners in six additional categories.

Winner will get a lifetime experience at the NYSE, and will be riding the Opening Bell. You also will have the opportunity to have your company name proudly displayed on the historic building. You could also win a Business Getaway in Fini with Tony Robbins. Of course, the bonus is that the highest sales increase and highest percentage growth will receive a custom-tailored marketing architecture. So what are you waiting for? Find out more information and apply here: Build a BIGGER Business competition

Want to get a Shopify website? sign up here.


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