The Passive Voice

So we talked about our frugal spring make overs and projects and it got me thinking. When we priced our floor it was double priced meaning it was incredibly way over priced. People have jobs and reputations too, I get it. So I thought,  this might just not be a good fit for both of us. We could go home and write a negative review on Facebook… for what??? It’s not going to change the price, if anything it will make it worse.

I see so many people always being negative and posting nasty reviews on Facebook. I get people might be upset and not want others to share that experience, but what happened to word of mouth? The internet is so FREAKIN powerful I mean you can find out anything from years upon years. Don’t ruin it for those people.


We have got to let things go. As I started to have anxiety problems they told me to let go of anything in my mind and not worry about the little things. Better yet lets not worry about what the person next to us is doing!

Another Scenerio … I went grocery shopping and the cashier was pretty rude and didn’t care to talk or help me out. I had to bag my own groceries and pack my own cart. Since I had to pack them all with a toddler, I was losing my groceries on the way out to the car! It was so embarrassing. Again, I could get incredibly upset about it or I could just deal with it. I just let it go and focused on the fact that I had to get home and unload the groceries.

You see it’s the simple things we have to blow off and say “whatever” to. These are things we can not control and we just accept it. It will help you feel stress feel and positive more often I promise. Think about this before you go ahead and ruin someones reputation, or someones day.


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