Stocking & Preparing for a storm

Lots of times we don’t know when nature will happen, right? It’s tough. Sometimes you will get hit with a bad storm. I‘m thinking back to when my parents had a horrible wind storm in Rochester NY a few weeks ago. We knew it was coming but we didn’t realize how bad it would be!

We got wind as well in Ohio, and there were some problems and damage, but they we’re without power for about five days and it was cold. They would have to drive around to charge their phone. They went out to restaurants hoping they were open for some food, since they couldn’t cook.


It got me to thinking about how we could of prepared for this better, so this brings me up to my point you can’t always be prepared but you can sure try! Here are a few things to think about and have ready for anytime a storm is near.

  • bottled water – unless you like drinking out of the sink, then this is handy to have near by. We usually drink water from the fridge so we always make sure that we have back up water in our pantry for times like this.
  • candles – Incase your flashlight runs out you will want to have some of these. Be careful when running these and make sure to keep them away from anything that will start a fire (AKA blankets, etc).
  • flashlights & batteries – Let’s face it you don’t know how long the power will be out so having batteries ready is a must. Make sure that the flash lights give off enough light and are self-powered. Some flash lights will even allow you to charge your cell phones, so that is an added bonus!
  • blankets – You will want to have blankets and warm clothing ready. Make sure that you have them prepared and ready to use.
  • soup or canned items – You will want to have items on hand that you can go ahead and use and eat without having to use the stove, etc.
  • back up powerless charger – These are huge! We have some of these and it helps us charge our cell phones; we just plug in the cord and it charges it fully! The thing is you have to make sure that powerless charger itself is charged otherwise it wont work.
  • Charged Electronics -This might seem like a no brainer, but charge them as much as you can and don’t use them unless you have to.
  • Firewood & Fireplace – There is no point in having a fireplace if you don’t have firewood to get the fire started so make sure you have both ready hand in hand.
  • First Aid Kit – You never know when someone might fall or get injured in the dark. Make sure you have everything easily accessible.

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2 thoughts on “Stocking & Preparing for a storm

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  1. A great list of things to have on hand to be prepared. You never know when you will need them. One thing I remember from one of the big hurricanes was the need for cash in small bills – something to be able to barter with. People didn’t have smaller bills and ended up spending a lot more than the item was worth because people weren’t able to give change. ATM’s give out larger bills – so it is food for thought. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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