Why we don’t get pizza from corporations

Everyone loves 🍕 pizza!?! Right!?! Pizza can be crazy expensive most of the time if you want to order out. And whenever we do order out we want more.. breadsticks and wings etc so we don’t want to order out. You can imagine the cost for a night out with pizza. We try to find coupons, but even with coupons its too expensive!

The biggest problem besides money is that it’s not even healthy. I know you are staying well duh pizza isn’t supposed to be! However since I have had ibs and other digestion problems I can’t have that greasy rich pizza anymore! I literally will have acid reflux and problems all day/night.

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Not to mention we have Antonio on a diary free diet because of his ears! So we have to find alternatives! If he is going to be on a diary free diet, then I need to be as well right? It only makes it that much easier.

I love dignorio it’s not crazy expensive as it is when when we order out. Plus we can get a lot at sams club in bulk shopping. It seems to work out for us and is a win-win situation.

Put all that aside though.. honestly the best thing for us is to create our own! I love some Buffalo chicken, Hawaiian, or meat lovers pizza! I can control the things that go on it and make sure that my stomach can handle it. Think about how much one of those would cost to order out..  at least $15+! I can make it for cheaper and find the alternatives for cheese too!

Make sure to check out for coupons.

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