To buy a pool or to not buy a pool

So I went up to my husband the other day telling him I wanted a kiddie pool but I don’t want a super cheap one! So we searched and looked. I wanted to get the one that is like the fake pool but nice, for like $100 and of course he was like “no let’s get the real thing” 

Needless to say he dragged me into a pool shop, I started to dream about it for a short amount of time. I was almost convinced we needed it. Then I started asking people who had pools, they all said they love it and its worth it. I have a two year old so I want to make memories! But there are other ways to make memories.

I left the store feeling confused. Do I invest over 3k in a pool? Okay, how much is this really going to cost me? I kept asking myself. First you need a permit so thats $80 right there. You need chemicals, etc thats $100-200 a month. Plus your electric bill might go up and of course the water bill goes up.. It all started to seem impossible to get.

My son doesnt know any different, he isn’t going to appreciate this right now. Then I started thinking and getting out of a make believe world. We can use that money for other things, like you know things we NEED. We need new tires, we need to fix his window, we need to save for vacation so why is this pool thing even a question?

I still feel horrible about it and wanted something else, but I just couldn’t do it! No way! Five stores later, we ended up just getting a kiddie pool and it worked perfectly. What I want to share with too is that it doesnt add as much value to your house that you might think. I was reading about it online with Dave Ramesy and there are other factors as well such as increasing home owners insurance, etc. There are so many factors and its important to not make an impulsive decision.

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