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Momma Bee Saving offers a limited number of ad spaces available for purchase for a flat monthly rate. The rates are based on Momma Bee Saving’s average monthly pageviews.  Ad rates are very competitive and offer an excellent value for businesses wanting exposure with a large and loyal audience. Pricing for these banner ads start at just $20 a month.

Sponsored Content Posts:

We are happy to announce that we know offer sponsored content posts! Sponsored posts are a great way for small business owners to gain more exposure. We write posts with original content that aligns with the typical content of our blog, but yet advertise it for you! We add the logo and sponsored posts to all of the blog posts and social media posts. We do these posts as a way to bring in customers to your site without being aggressive. Pricing for this starts at $150.00

Social Influences:
With our social media growing each day, we have a great audience! We know that our audience will love your content. It’s simple and easy!! Send us YOUR image and your content and we will post it to a select account of your choice! This just $10 per post on any per platform: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. 

Product Reviews:

Momma Bee Saving is not a review site, but we do like to highlight the features of products or small businesses. We have a narrative voice for storytelling your products and reach the audience in a different way than the sponsored posts. All you need to do is mail us your product and we will write a review for you. There is a cost associated with this for $20 to cover our hourly copyright price. *note we will not post this to social media accounts 

Gift Guides

Very rarely Momma Bee Saving  does gift guides recommending products that have been tried or love. Past gift guides have included Christmas gifts, Valentines Day, or Mother’s Day gifts.  Gift guides are are a great way to gain new customers and get your product out there furthermore. Make sure to stay up to date for this exclusive information since we only send it out once in a while!!

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Momma Bee Saving has an  average of 500-2,000 page views each month.  The ages of the viewers range from 20-45 females, with a focus in the United States and Canada.


In addition to delivering fresh content on our blog, Momma Bee Saving is in other social media outlets, including Facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. Susie has 500+ followers on facebook, and over 4,000 on twitter, over 1,000 on pinterest, and over 3,000 on instagram.  This is a continuous work in progress.



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