How do you decide what to post about?
My mind is always working.. I am constantly thinking about what I have learned and what I want my readers to learn and achieve. I brainstorm ideas constantly and research new topics based on feedback from my customers.

Can we collaborate with you?
Absolutely! You can always reach out to me mommabeesaving@gmail.com with any ideas! We will be glad to send you our media kit and sponsorship packets!

Do you have any tips to running a successful business?

There are endless tips to running a business and blog. You have to be patient and organized. Most times I like to think that I am these.. I dedicate myself to time certain days of the week with certain hours so that I can balance all my life as needed.

How does advertising and sponsorship work on your blog?
This is a work in progress and is something that we are offering in 2017, you can read more about it here. We would love to have new advertisers and sponsors!


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