Saffron Road Chips & More!

I had the pleasure of eating Saffron Chips.. man oh man they were delicious!! I love that they are organic and something SO different than the tradition chips. The best part though.. is that they have WAY more than just chips!!  My favorite is the white cheddar.. I mean isn't it everyone's?! Check out some... Continue Reading →

Top coupons to use and save!

Do you want to get started on coupons but aren’t sure how or what to do? Couponing is a job itself and can be overwhelming. You need to make sure that you start off small and then work your way through. There are always coupons that are pretty much freebies!! 1. Toothpaste- this usually always... Continue Reading →

Swimsuits for the mama’s!

Becoming a mother has changed my outlook on a lot of things. One thing is bathing suits. Before kids I used to wear two pieces and feel amazing about myself. Now I still feel amazing about myself and my body but feel that I should be much more conservative than ever before. I am not... Continue Reading →

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