7 Benefits of Having a Garden

So with all this talk about a garden, why do it? What are the benefits of a garden? Garden for freshness: Stores can’t even come close to free vegetables for flavor and freshness; it is just not possible. Even though most items say fresh and organic there are a lot of processed vegetables and pestitces... Continue Reading →

When Impulsive buying is okay.

We all do Impulsive buying at one time or another. We talked about a garden for the longest time! Mother's Day we went to Lowes for one thing and ended up spending over $200 alone on gardening stuff! What is funny is that my husband said “don’t let me get sidetracked and spend a lot... Continue Reading →

Gardening Precious Moments Flower Pots

I love the springtime and our little garden that we have! It is currently under going some make over since the northern states don't get as warm quick!! There are still frost warnings at night so we have to be careful! How adorable are these Precious Moments flower pots?! I mean seriously.. It is hard... Continue Reading →

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