Back to School Gift For You!

If you are anything like me.. you love kitchen goods, AKA pampered chef! I love it all and their products last FOREVER.. no really.. my friend Angela Davis is having a great sale and she is extending this through September! It is also available to , teachers, friends, and even home-school teachers as well! Feel... Continue Reading →

Make $300+ From Your Blog

Are you a blogger looking to make additional money? I love affiliate marketing and use many many programs for this. My current favorite one is Brand Cycle. There are a lot of large brand names that they work with. They even provide you most of the times with custom content that you can just plug... Continue Reading →

Make Money & Be Your Own Boss

Being a mother is exhausting, we all know that. But being a mother and working full-time is even more challenging. I know, I've done both and I have good friends that still work full-time and run a family.   After years of searching for something flexible and something that allowed me to work from home... Continue Reading →

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It’s a SPARKLE Life..

Every female LOVES jewelry. I mean seriously.. I can’t ever have enough of it!! I love getting jewelry that will match my outfit and my style. I like to step outside of the box a little bit and mix things up.  I love neutral colors such as nude, tan, creme, browns, etc. It fits my... Continue Reading →

Gardening Precious Moments Flower Pots

I love the springtime and our little garden that we have! It is currently under going some make over since the northern states don't get as warm quick!! There are still frost warnings at night so we have to be careful! How adorable are these Precious Moments flower pots?! I mean seriously.. It is hard... Continue Reading →

Bloggers: A New way to make money.

Are you a blogger and want to make additional money? Well then I have a little secret for you!! I LOVE Linqia.  Brands are looking for bloggers to connect, and help promote campaigns. Brands want to reach a larger audience and YOU are the perfect candidate for it. After all, your audience TRUSTS you and... Continue Reading →

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